Castle In The Sky  - Chapter 1

The town of Ipscroft prided itself on being a very quiet, normal (or boring depending on who you ask) place. It was true there was not much to do here. But what the village lacked in excitement, it made up for it in its sheer beauty, and the kindness of its people. Life moved at a languid pace here. And perhaps that was the reason why everyone was content. Every day seemed to be a repeat of yesterday. People cheerfully starting their day, with the men heading to the mines in the south, and the women waving them goodbye and...

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A Castle in the Sky

When we think Steampunk - we all tend to imagine Brass Goggles, Mechanical Arms, Corsets, Round Eyed Glasses. And all those are cool. But Steampunk can be expressed in so many different ways. One of my favorite stories, and what actually got me into Steampunk, was an animated movie called Castle in the Sky. Well known to any Studio Ghibli fan, it was Hayao Miyazaki's first official film for the Studio. Can their be anything more awesome than a Castle flying in the sky? Throw in some Steampunk gadgets and Zeppelins and you've got a masterpiece! To celebrate that, here is...

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