A Castle in the Sky

When we think Steampunk - we all tend to imagine Brass Goggles, Mechanical Arms, Corsets, Round Eyed Glasses. And all those are cool. But Steampunk can be expressed in so many different ways.

One of my favorite stories, and what actually got me into Steampunk, was an animated movie called Castle in the Sky. Well known to any Studio Ghibli fan, it was Hayao Miyazaki's first official film for the Studio.

Can their be anything more awesome than a Castle flying in the sky? Throw in some Steampunk gadgets and Zeppelins and you've got a masterpiece!


To celebrate that, here is a re-telling of that story. This story unashamedly borrows a lot from Miyazaki’s original, but it has it’s own twist and turns and details.


Castle In The Sky — A Journey to Laputa


She gasped for air and kneeled over. But barely a second passed before she could hear his footsteps closing in.

“Give up little birdie.”

She swung around and looked at the man. He was clothed in an all-black robe. The hood over his head covered up his face, and in the darkness, she could only see a dark space between his shoulders. The sight sent chills down her spine.

“What do you want?!” she shouted at him.

“Your life.”

And suddenly she saw a long dagger appear in his right hand.


He charged at her and she started running faster than she had ever run before.

“The end.”

They had reached the edge. As she looked down, a bottomless abyss stared back at her.

The man gave of a shrill laugh, having thoroughly enjoyed the chase, and raised his right hand which contained the dagger. In the fleeting light, she made out a mark on his right hand.

“A shadow walker! You’re supposed to serve the kingdom. You will pay for this traitor…my father…”

“…is dead.”

Another laugh and she could only stand there and whimper.

“Don’t worry your Highness, you will soon join him.”

Tears welled up in her eyes as the realization hit her again. It’s only been a few hours, she just realized, oh father, I miss you.

The man moved towards her and she instinctively withdrew backward until her feet reached the edge.

Is this really it?


She wasn’t sure if it was intentional but before she knew it her feet were off the ground. Only now did it hit her that she had jumped from the cliff.


Her screams gradually faded into the distance, until the clouds finally swallowed her up.

The man looked down and thumbed his blade. He really did want the satisfaction of feeling it tear through that child’s flesh.

Oh well, he thought, at least there’s no body to take care of now.

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